Double Whammy for DXY as Services PMI & ADP Beat Estimates

6 July 2023, Thursday
Double Whammy for DXY as Services PMI & ADP Beat Estimates

The Strong US Economy and its Impact on the Dollar


US ISM Services PMI Numbers


The US economy is doing pretty well, especially in the services sector. The latest numbers show that business activity, new orders, and employment are all growing. This is a good sign because it means that more people are getting jobs and businesses are doing well.


ADP Employment Change


The ADP employment change release also showed that the job market is strong. It was even better than what experts predicted. This is important because it gives us a hint about what the Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) report will look like tomorrow. If the job market continues to do well, it could mean that the Federal Reserve (the Fed) will make some changes to interest rates.


JOLTs Numbers


There were some other numbers called JOLTs that came out, but they weren’t as important. The market didn’t pay much attention to them because they don’t really affect the Fed’s decisions on interest rates.


The Dollar Index (DXY)


The Dollar Index (DXY) is a way to measure how the US dollar is doing compared to other currencies. Right now, it’s going up. It has reached a level above 103.38 and it might go even higher. This is good news for people who want the dollar to get stronger.


What Could Happen Next?


There are two possibilities for what could happen next. If the dollar keeps going up and breaks through a certain line on the chart, it could mean that the dollar will continue to get stronger. But if it goes down and breaks through another line, it could mean that the dollar will get weaker.


So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens next with the US economy and the dollar.